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Wondering where it’s best for you (or mom and dad) to live in the years ahead? Frankly, you’re not alone. I applaud you for thoughtfully thinking ahead and considering these crucial, yet extremely difficult decisions.

I'm a “Senior Real Estate Specialist” and consultant.  I’m here to help you find the appropriate resources - be it real estate, home health, elder law, reverse mortgage and many other needs.

It is not our goal to sell the family home or the retirement condo. We work with organizations that clean the home, prepare food and transport you so can stay where you are comfortable – and, eventually I, or one of my fully vetted colleagues, might sell the home.

I understand the challenges the Boomer Plus generation is facing – from both a professional as well as personal perspective. I am one myself. That gives me empathy and knowledge of the subject and process.

I know the questions to ask, the health and mobility issues you could be facing, the dignity you deserve in finding the right fit for your personal interests, finances, needs and goals.

You can count on us for candor, creative solutions and expertise second to none in finding the ideal home environment for you or the people you love.

Call us today for a no-obligation chat about your questions and concerns.

I look forward to talking with you!

Jeff Perkins - Thoughtful Real Estate
206-931-5554 - Jeff@ThoughtfulRealEstate.com